About Us

The Flaunt It Movement is a youth-led organization that works to promote self-love for all women. Through our photography platform, our work comprises of various campaigns that tackle issues such as body positivity, beauty standards, self-esteem development and more. In order to gain a diverse range of content for these campaigns, the Flaunt It team organizes tri-monthly open photoshoots designed to invite women all across the GTA to be celebrated and empowered within our inclusive safe spaces.

As a grassroots organization (unincorporated but under the trusteeship of St. Stephen's Community House), the Flaunt It Movement is constantly looking for funding support in order to support our year-round programming. In November 2018, the team is aiming to host their year-end Community Art Show that will be an art exhibit showcasing all their week over the past 2 years. It will exhibit the faces and stories of all sorts of women all across the GTA and give our community partners (who are local women based entrepreneurs) a platform to sell their products in person. 

Through the creation of the THE FLAUNT IT COLLECTION, we aim to fundraise for our upcoming art show and turn our dream show into a reality. Please support us by purchasing some merchandise today so that you can #flauntit wherever you are.